Blubonnet Dispensary

We are Blubonnet

We are a collective of like-minded individuals that are passionate about the healing powers of cannabis.

We Desire…

We have a strong desire to normalize women and cannabis.

We Believe…

In creativity and enhancing your perception of reality for the benefit of pure enjoyment.

We love…

We love cannabis, and we love celebrating women taking pride recreationally!

Our Vision

Our vision is to shape the way the world embraces women and cannabis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to destigmatize women and cannabis through education, art, culture and hemp infused products.

Blubonnet Dispensary
Blubonnet Dispensary

Bloom into your highest self

Our tone and guiding principle is simple: Bloom into your highest self. It’s a filter and checklist for everything we do. It’s photos, messaging, products and videos that help normalize women and cannabis. It’s radiating, spreading and pushing nothing but ‘highest self vibes.’ It’s a compass in our pocket, guiding us towards our mission.

We are shaping the way the world views women and cannabis.

Hemp is cannabis and Blubonnet is passionate about normalizing it!

Our standards of excellence in both service and products sets our customers at ease. Through a comprehensive screening process for unwanted contaminants and byproducts, we ensure quality options, exceptional results, and your safety. Our shelves are constantly evolving to allow room for the newest, most innovative cannabis products and circulating strains of freshly sourced hemp flower.

We have something for everyone, from those newly discovering the therapeutic world of cannabis to a lifelong enthusiast. Supporting the therapeutic advantages of hemp-derived cannabis products, we offer an extensive selection of fresh flower, boutique glass, pre-rolls galore, premium vape cartridges, tasty edibles, and the best selection of delta thc and HHC.