Silver Lake Delta 8 THC Distillate Syringe
Silver Lake's line of Delta 8 THC Distillate syringes infused with natural terpenes. Enjoy the convenience of a syringe when lining blunts, topping bowls, or just dabbing.   Contains 850mg of Delta 8 THC in each syringe Sourced from Non-GMO, US-grown Industrial Hemp Hemp...
Extract Labs Lemon Fuel CBC Extract Sauce
Description Extract Labs’ full spectrum Extract Sauce delivers popular cannabinoids in convenient, premixed ratios. Combining feedback from their community with extensive internal testing, each syringe’s cannabinoid profile is optimized for effect. Paired with their Private Reserve cannabis terpenes, the Extract...
Extract Labs CBD Shatter
Description Shatter is a CBD concentrate meant for dabbing or smoking. Shatter is made from high-end CBD isolate. The isolate sets into a crystal-like form that easily breaks. Extract Lab's shatter is infused with cannabis-derived terpenes for flavor and effects. This...
Extract Labs CBD Crumble
Description  Crumble is a CBD concentrate with a wax-like, breakable consistency meant for dabbing or smoking. Made from broad spectrum CBD distillate infused with cannabis-derived terpenes, Extract Lab's crumble provides a fast-acting way to vape cannabinoids. Their CBD wax comes...
Beleaf Delta 8 THC Wax
Concentrates are a fast acting, highly potent, and flavorful way to consume Delta 8. Our Beleaf Delta 8 Wax jar is filled with 1 gram of Delta 8 Distillate, with a highly concentrated 87% Delta 8 THC with natural cannabis terpenes. Infusing...
3 Tall Pines Delta 8 Wax
Concentrates are a fast acting, highly potent, and flavorful way to consume Delta 8. Our 3 Tall Pines wax has 85% Delta 8 THC and 15% terpenes, for the most flavorful and powerful dabbing experience- even with a small amount! Available in...
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