Blaze Delta 10 Disposables
Delta 10 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid similar to Delta 8, but generally much more stimulating. Delta 10 is perfect for daytime use, promoting wakefulness and mental energy. This disposable has 90% Delta 10 THC, and is rechargeable with a micro-USB...
ELYXR LA Delta 10 Gummies
ELYXR Delta 10 gummies deliver an energizing body sensation, while lightly uplifting your mood. Delta 10 is less potent THC option that is characterized by its more cerebral 'head high'. These 25mg gummies have the perfect blend of Delta 8...
Blaze Delta 10 Gummies
These delicious Delta 10 gummies provide a nice head buzz, with invigorating and energizing effects on the body. Each gummy is infused with 25mg Delta 10 distillate, for a total of 250mg per container. Enjoy a wide array of mixed fruit flavors...
Grand Daddy Purple Delta 10 Flower 1/8oz
We use only the highest quality Delta 10 distillate to infuse our hemp flower. Available in 1/8oz and 1 gram pre-rolled joints for convenience.  28% of total cannabinoids. GrandDaddy Purple is an indica strain great for full body relief and relaxation....
Grand Daddy Purple Delta 10 Preroll
Root Therapeutics Hemp flower infused with Delta 10 THC distillate and terpenes. We use only the highest quality Delta 10 distillate to infuse our hemp flower. Available in a convenient pre-rolled joint or 1/8oz. All Root Therapeutics joints are rolled in...
Root Therapeutics Delta 10 Carts
Root Therapeutics Delta 10 THC Carts contain 850mg of hemp-derived Delta 10 THC combined with a strain-specific blend of cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBG. The addition of terpenes and cannabinoids enables the entourage effect, or synergy between...
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