Root Therapeutics Vegan Mixed Berry HHC Gummies
Description These HHC gummies are tasty morsels that pack an incredible punch. Most consumers of HHC have described the effects of HHC to be quite similar to delta-9, which is the THC isomer commonly found in marijuana. As such, HHC...
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Chakra HHC Disposables
Chakra's HHC disposables are the latest innovation of hemp derived products. HHC is a unique, new and upcoming cannabinoid with similar effects to THC. HHC occurs naturally in the hemp plant and delivers effects ranging in potency from Delta 8 to...
Chakra HHC Gummies
HHC is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in trace amounts in cannabis. Its effects are very similar to Delta 9 THC although it is not a THC product. These Chakra gummies contain 30mg of HHC per piece, and 300mg total.  Assorted Fruit...
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