Satya Incense sticks that uplift, cleanse, and purify the energy of a space. These strong, calming fragrances linger even after being extinguished. Each aromatic incense is a great tool for meditation and reaching deep states of relaxation.


Patchouli - Earthy and powerful, the Patchouli flora incense keeps insects and harmful germs away and acts as an excellent laundry freshener as well as grounding the user.

Dragon's Blood - The Dragon’s Blood incense is known to protect one’s aura and home from any external attack.

White Sage - The White Sage flora incense helps rejuvenate the body and cleanses the spirit and energy of the space.

Nag Champa - The exotic Nag Champa blend is known to cleanse spaces and purify the atmosphere. The aromatic incense is a great tool for meditation and reaching states of deep relaxation.

Sandalwood - The healing aroma of Sandalwood flora incense can be used to energize the body and promote feelings of serenity within. Leave all your aggressions behind when you light this incense, and go into a state of relaxation.

Lavender - Let the freshness of the Lavender flora incense soothe you.

Tropical Lemongrass - Lemon Grass is a pleasant incense that is beneficial in many ways: to fight depression and fatigue, to ward off mosquitoes and as a natural air freshener owing to its clean, citrusy fragrances.

Palo Santo - The Palo Santo flora incense aids inner balance, and also acts as an effective natural repellent & is great during a massage owing to its calming effect.

Ayurveda - The Traditional Ayurveda blend supports recovery from illness and creates a nurturing, peaceful ambience for emotional, physical and spiritual health. The blend uses traditional Ayurvedic ingredients prescribed specifically for healing.

Karma - The Karma incense blend invites a refreshing aura that promotes positive thought and action. This blend is known to help settle the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki Power - The Reiki incense blend is a gentle fragrance that heals the user during a time of physical or mental illness and helps restore one’s emotional well-being. This blends activates a natural healing process and is best used during meditation and while practicing reiki.

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