Kannastör Multi Chamber Grinders

Kannastör Multi Chamber Grinders


The Kannastör Multi Chamber Grinder leads in terms of durability and engineering. Equipped with a replaceable screen and made with food grade aluminum, these grinders are designed to last!

  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • Magnetic closure
  • Deep sifting chamber for an easier pour
  • Easy Change Screen
  • Engineered Drop Through Design Prevents Over Shredding
  • Modular by Design
  • Made From 61/60 Anodized Food Grade Aluminum
Modular by Design

Kannastör Multi Chamber grinders can break down to a slimmer, more portable 3 piece configuration by simply removing the sifting chamber. Another reason why Kannastör is the most versatile and advanced grinder on the market.

Easy Change Screen

The Kannastör patent pending design allows for easily changing your sifting element to both replace screens that are worn out and to better suit your taste with the option of 2 mesh sizes. Experiment and see what works best for you! All Multi Chamber Grinders include a 60 mesh stainless steel screen element. Available in 60 mesh and 60 mesh monofilament.


Mini 1.5" Gunmetal, 2.2" Silver Body, 2.2 Silver with Glass Body


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