Malicious Woman Co. Candles

Malicious Woman Co. Candles


These Malicious Women Co. candles are delicious. Made with 100% natural soy, containing no unwanted additives, no artificial colors, and no stabilizers. Hand-poured, and scented with custom blends for a unique unbeatable flavor. These will burn for approximately 40-50 hours with proper care (see care tips below). Not to mention, the malicious women labels are creative, hilarious, and all too relatable

These Malicious Women Co. Candles are:

  • 100% Natural Soy (Grown and Manufactured in the U.S.)
  • Hand-poured by the Malicious Women in Snohomish, WA
  • The Finest Custom Blended Fragrances
  • Braided Cotton with Paper Core Wick (Zinc & Lead-Free)
  • No Additives (no UV Inhibitors/ binders/ stabilizers or artificial colors)
  • Easy to read, light and water-resistant labels
  • 9 oz. Reusable Apothecary (3.75" High X 2.75 DIA) Jar with Strong Metal Lid.
  • Burn Time: Approximately 40 - 50 hours

Malicious Women Co. handcrafted soy candles are natural and burn cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. The scented, creamy soy wax is hand-poured into a vintage apothecary-style recyclable jar. When your candle is almost gone, simply melt the remaining soy wax in very hot water and wipe clean. Now you have a strong jar with a malicious label!

Select Title and Scent

Shit. Fuck. Damn. Infused with: Sentence Enhancers. Scent: Oakmoss & Amber, You're My Best Bitch. Infused with: All my secrets. Scent: Pink Chandelier, Bad Bitch Club. Infused with: Personal Invites Only. Scent: Lemon Drop Martini, Coronavirus Prevention. Infused with: Nothing new, Morons. Scent: Clean Linen, I Run Entirely On Coffee & Inappropriate Thoughts. Infused with: Fuck Off, You Fucking Fuck! Scent: Espresso Yo' Self., Let That Shit Go! Infused with: Obsessive Overthinking. Scent: Lavender & Coconut Water, Unfuckwithable. Infused with: Resting Bitch Face. Scent: Grapefruit & Mint, I Do What I Want. Infused with: Zero Fucks. Scent: Lemon Drop Martini, Bitches Get Shit Done. Infused with: Ambition. Scent: A Hot Mess, Fuck. Infused with: Absolute Fuckery. Scent: Oakmoss & Amber, Do Epic Shit. Infused with: Rebellion. Scent: Oakmoss & Amber, Group Text Shit Talking. Infused with: Screenshots. Scent: Grapefruit & Mint, High AF. Infused with: Billion Dollar Ideas. Scent: Exotic Hemp

Care Tips

To ensure a full 45 hours of burn time:

Before the first light, trim the wick to 1/4″ above the wax. The first time you burn your candle, ensure that it melts a full circle into the wax, and that it reaches the edges of the container. This may take 3-4 hours, so make sure you have that time available for the candle to burn (just for the first time!)​ Soy candle wax has memory. This means that if you extinguish a candle before it melts a full circle that reaches the edges, the next time you burn it, the wax will only melt out as far as it did the first time, into the same small pool.  This will lead to tunneling and a massive buildup of wax on the sides that will not get used. This is why it’s so important to allow your soy candles to burn down a complete circle along the edges of the container on the first time you use it.

After extinguishing your candle, trim to 1/4″ inch. Make sure to wait until the wick hardens again. Do not allow wick trimming to fall into wax, as this can create a fire hazard.

A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle 1 hour for every inch wide that the candle is. So if you have a 3 inch wide soy candle, you may need to burn it for at least 3 hours for a good melt pool.


Wax: 100% Natural Soy, fragrances.

Wick: Braided cotton with paper core.


Oakmoss & Amber: Musty & rich wood combines with herbaceous and amber bottom notes will please even the most difficult noses . Everyone loves this strong, gender-fluid fragrance. 

Pink Chandelier: It doesn’t get more extra than this! The incredible aromas of iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and pink sugar are super fabulous and super strong!

Lemon Drop Martini: This candle is ‘Ladies Night’ in a jar. Our Lemon Drop Martini is a mouth-watering combination of tart and sugary-sweet goodness. 

Clean Linens: New Formulation – Set your laundry on fire–if only in your mind. Crisp cotton scents will fill the air so clean that you’ll (almost) regret not running a load of whites.

Espresso Yo’ Self: The best part of waking up is warm roasted Columbian coffee beans. Dark espresso with hints of buttery caramel and vanilla whipped cream create a balanced blend that will have your coffee cup on defense.

Lavender & Coconut Water: Relax with the smell of French Lavender & refreshing coconut water in this refreshing spa scent. Undertones of Tonka bean, Amber & Vanilla creates a sweet ending to this calming scent. 

Grapefruit & Mint: The scent that had to happen. We paired 2 of the most crisp scents on the planet to give you the sweet taste of juicy grapefruit and the cool snap of mint in one jar. 


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